Bench Copy Antique Guarneri del Gesu 1741 “Vieuxtemps”


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2019 Bench Copy old spruce Antique Edition of 1741 Guarneri del Gesu “Vieuxtemps.”

• Body Length: 354 mm. Upper Bout: 163 mm. Center Bout: 110 mm. Lower Bout: 205 mm. Exact Copy.

• Vintage European spruce, naturally seasoned over 12 yrs. One piece exotic maple, premium rare look!

• Antique Italian reddish varnish, moderate shading.

• Pro set up with  bridge and Tonica string, ready to play!

• shipped with FREE oblong foam case.

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First choice for “working musicians” and advanced students! A carefully built “Vieuxtemps” 1741 Guarneri copy using aging spruce for a solid, vibrant, resonant tone that speaks with definition and projection! One piece exquisite maple. Warm and smooth tone the audio clip represents, fast response that brings easy playability!

Firm, solid G string with complex, ringing mid register. Singing E string that speaks with a clear sweet tone. Full and ringing tone that’s pleasant to hear! Everything advanced player ask for a well built Antique Guarneri copy.